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CIQUIBIC scholarship holder scholarship for internship abroad

Lic. Diaz Zulueta did an internship in Spain

BsC. Yenisleidy Mercedes Zulueta Díaz was awarded a IUBMB Wood-Whelan fellowship, for a 4-month stay at Dr. María Paz Carrazco’s Laboratory, in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology , College of Sciences, University of Granada, Spain
Yenisleidy is doing her PhD work under the supervision of Dr. María Laura Fanani at our Institute. She is interested in studying the interaction of amphiphilic drugs with biological membranes model in order to design novel strategies for the improvement of the administration of lipophilic pharmacological compounds. During her stay at Dr. Carrazco’s Laboratory, Yenisleidy studied the role of ascorbic acid derivatives in hepatoblastoma and human glioblastoma tumor cells and their implications in the regulation of lipid homeostasis.