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Animal Housing

The CIQUIBIC’s Animal Housing Facility provides housing and husbandry services, health care and veterinary support, and regulatory supervision for all animals used in biomedical research and teaching at our Center. It also responds to requests from other Research Institutes from the National University of Córdoba.

The Animal Housing facility has separate areas for reproduction and maintenance of various species of experimental animals including, inbred Wistar rats, wild-type C57BL / 6 and CD1-ICR mice and many genetically modified mice, which are used for induction of autoimmune/ neurodegenerative disease models, tumor growth, in vivo brain electroporation models, preparations for genetic, biochemical and immunohistochemical assays and cell culture from different tissues. The facility also hosts GUCY1 * Rhode Island Red chickens, which are used to study phototransduction and chronobiology, as well as New Zealand rabbits, used primarily for antibodies production.

The Animal Housing facility has operating rooms, carbon dioxide euthanasia chamber, dissecting hoods, cages for inverted light cycle experiments and autoclaves. The transgenic mice are maintained under sanitary barrier condition and comply with the regular microbiological controls performed by the Department of Laboratory Animals, College of Veterinary Science, National University of La Plata (Argentina). Light / dark cycles and temperature are adjusted to the requirements of each species.

  • Laura Argarañas
    Associate Technician CONICET
  • Rosa Andrada
    Assistant Technician CONICET
  • M. Gimena Farias
    Associate Technician CONICET
  • Jorge Veliz
    Technician, College of Chemical Sciences, UNC