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The CIQUIBIC It originated on the basis of the Department of Biological Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, founded in 1963 by Professor Dr. Ranwel Caputto (1916-1994), close associate of Dr. Luis F. Leloir, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1970.

Currently it is properly equipped for research in biochemistry, biophysics and cellular and molecular biology that this center develops. Apart from minor equipment and facilities associated with each research group, the CIQUIBIC has the following equipment commonly used for all groups: ultracentrifugas (3), centrifugas refrigeradas (3), scintillation counters (3), Differential Scanning Calorimeter (1), fluorometer (1), spectrophotometers, (3), IR spectrophotometer, equipment monolayers, HPLC, Flash chromatography, Electrophoresis equipment, cold room, freezers, fosfoimagers, red de 40 PCs with Internet access, etc.

As central facilities, has a bioterium, laboratory cell cultures (100 m²), a bank of cells, a Light microscopy lab equipped with two confocal microscopes, 4 fluorescence microscopes, un micromanipulador, one cell microinjector, CCD cameras, software for image analysis (Metamorph), etc, and the Central Media and Solutions Facility (FACEMES). In addition, our staff provides different High Level Technological Services (APARTMENT).

The floor area available for the Centre is as follows:

Concept Size Available Property Ownership
Ground Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Constructions 2.500 m² Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Laboratories 1.500 m² Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Library 50 m² Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Others 450 m² Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Central Facilities
Cell culture
Animal Housing
Cell Bank

High Level Technological Services