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Cell culture

The CIQUIBIC’s Cell Culture Laboratory stores a systematized cell bank with more than 150 cell lines, which allows stocking of quality certified cells. Regular controls are performed in order to detect possible variations in cell growth and viability, as well as to avoid potential contamination. This laboratory provides different cell lines to the members of CIQUIBIC, mainly to the area of CellBiology.

The technical staff of the Cell Culture Laboratory provides training to all CIQUIBIC´sstaff that is willing to initiate research regarding the growth and maintenance protocols for eukaryotic cells. Also, they meet the requirements and control the regulations in the use of cell cultures and the equipment installed in that lab, in line with the safety and biosecurity rules.

The Cell Culture Laboratory has a room of approximately 60 m2, with biological safety cabinets, CO2 controlled incubators, cryopreservation tanks with liquid nitrogen, bench-top centrifuges and microscopes.

  • Tech. Gabriela Schachner
    Associate Professional CONICET
  • Cecilia Lopez Sambrooks, PhD
  • Associate Professional CONICET

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