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Third Conference CIQUIBIC Open Door 2019


Next Wednesday 19 June at 11 hours, Integrators in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the National University of Córdoba, It will continue with the cycle External Researchers Conference "CIQUIBIC Open Door". The conference will be conducted by Dr. Emilio Kropff, Deputy CONICET researcher at the Institute of Biochemical Research Buenos Aires (IIBBA-CONICET-Leloir Institute Foundation).

Time and space in the brain GPS

The hippocampus is a key area of ​​the brain of mammals in regard to memory and spatial orientation. Rodent is strongly associated with the formation of memories of places, including coding variables as context, rewards or congeners identity and position during social interactions. A synapse away, average entorhinal cortex houses a variety of specialized neurons in abstract properties space: metrics, address, speed, contours. It is believed that the interaction between these two areas provides the animal a versatile framework for orientate, to explore, planning or correct mapping errors, which it is crucial for daily survival. Coordination between the hippocampus and the entorhinal cortex is facilitated by the theta rhythm, about 8 Hz, tax both areas from an external pacemaker. As processor clock, this rate can divide time into episodes, performing various computations on each. In addition, in a few 50 years it is thought that the frequency of the theta rhythm encodes the speed of movement of the animal. Our recent findings, Nevertheless, They suggest that we 50 making mistakes years, and that is the acceleration which actually controls the frequency of theta. The talk will review the available evidence and its profound impact on how we think the brain GPS.