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Dr recognition. May

Tribute by the close of business

The past 1O December celebrated by the Prof. Dr. Bruno Maggio closing its academic activity. The CIQUIBIC conjunction with the Department of Biological Chemistry presented him with a plaque for his work and commitment to the institution throughout his career academic and scientific.

Dr. May, native of Torino, Italy, Biochemist graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry UNC and joined the CIQUIBIC for his doctoral thesis under the direction of Dr. Federico Omar en 1969. During his thesis studied changes in lipid metabolism of brains of animals which has been induced disease model Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE). After obtaining his doctorate in biochemistry 1972 his interest had turned to lipid membranes. He moved to London (School of Medicine, University of London 1973-1976) where work with the pioneers in biophysics membrane. He met Dr. Alec Bangham, the inventor of liposomes, and he tuned in the laboratory of Dr.. Jack Lucy model membranes extremely novel: lipid monolayers. On his return to Cordoba, Biophysical applied all new techniques learned and used to study a family of lipids in which researchers CIQUIBIC had great experience and forming a "trademark" of our Institute: sphingolipids. That and until the eighties, developing highly innovative lines of research and advanced worldwide in the field of membrane biophysics. In 1983 he moved to the United States Yale University and then to Virginia, where he was offered a stable position as Professor and Researcher (Full. Professor). However, in 1995 He decided to return to Argentina and CIQUIBIC where he formed a new generation of Biophysical, making significant contributions to the advancement of Biophysics at local and national level and also having great influence on the consolidation of Biophysics in the Southern Cone and Latin America. Today his legacy has established Cordoba as a reference center in the biophysics of membranes and has influenced generations of new biophysical who have inherited their creative spirit and his love of science.

It is with great affection that members of CIQUIBIC and the Department of Biological Chemistry wish you Bruno the best for this new stage of his life.

Dr. Bruno Maggio has been awarded by CIQUIBIC and the Department of Biological Chemistry with a commemorative plate for hir work and institutional commitment during his academic and scientific career.

It is with great affection that members of CIQUIBIC and the Department of Biological Chemistry whish Bruno all the best for this new stage of his life.