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Begins editing 2017 Open Door of CIQUIBIC

Inaugural lecture by Dr. G. William Wong, Johns Hopkins University

Next Wednesday 19 April at 11 hours, Integrators in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the National University of Córdoba, will begin a new cycle of External Researchers Conference "CIQUIBIC Open Door".

The inaugural lecture will be delivered by Dr. G. William Wong, Profesor Asociado en el Departamento de Fisiología y el Centro para la Investigación en Metabolismo y Obesidad en la Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

“Fat Hormones and Energy Balance”

We aim to understand how organs and tissues in the body coordinate the complex metabolic networks and circuitry to maintain proper energy balance, failure of which results in metabolic disorders such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Specifically, we focus on elucidating the role of a novel family of adipose-derived hormones (CTRPs) in controlling sugar and fat metabolism. The function of one such hormone (CTRP9) will be presented in greater details to illustrate complex tissue crosstalk underlying the integrated control of energy metabolism.