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CIQUIBIC scholarship holder scholarship for internship abroad

Lic. Bigliani will make a stay in Germany

Lic. Gonzalo Bigliani was awarded with a fellowship from The Company of Biologists, Journal of Cell Science, for a shor-term training stay at Prof. Dr. Christian Ungermann’s laboratory, University of Osnabrück, Germany.
Gonzalo is doing his PhD thesis under the supervision of Dr. Javier Valdez. They study the influence of S-acylation on the function of SNARE proteins. During his stay in Germany, Gonzalo will seek to uncover the role of SNARE protein palmitoylation in membrane fusion. For this, he will carry out fusion tests of proteoliposomes reconstituted with palmitoylated SNAREs purified from yeast and in vitro fusion assays of purified vacuoles. The results obtained by Gonzalo will help to understand the fine regulation of the functions of SNARE proteins in the fusion of biomembranes.