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CIQUIBIC scholarship holder scholarship for internship abroad

the Bioq. Rodriguez will make a stay in France

Biochemist Celeste Rodriguez was awarded a BIF Travel Grant grant by the Boehringer Ingelheimn Fonds of Germany, for a 3-month stay in the Exosome and Tumor Growth laboratory led by Dr. Clotilde Théry, at the Curie Institute, in Paris, France.
Celeste is doing her PhD work under the supervision of Dr. German Gil at our Institute. She seeks to understand the communication between the mammary tumor and the tumor microenvironment, constituted mainly by macrophages. In particular, Celeste wants to know the functional consequences of this interaction by elucidating how exosomes participate in this cross-talk and how this impacts on endocrine resistance in patients with breast cancer. This resistance is presented by some patients who stop responding to classic therapies directed at blocking the estrogen receptor that modulates the proliferation of breast tissue. Dr. Théry is a pioneer in the study of extracellular vesicles (EVs), mainly exosomes. During her stay in Dr. Théry’s laboratory, Celeste will receive training in classical and advanced techniques for the study of exosomes, which will allow her to isolate, characterize, visualize and perform the in vivo monitoring of these vesicles in cultures or cocultures of different cell types. Thus, Celeste will begin to elucidate the effect of these nanovesicles on endocrine resistance.