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Edition 2015 of Lectures organized by CIQUIBIC

A space for discussion of developments and ideas in the field of Biological Sciences .

We are aware of the rapid advance of science and how fruitful is the constant updating, interaction and exchange of ideas. In order to provide a space for discussion and approach, opens the CIQUIBIC doors with a series of lectures offered by leading researchers from other institutions working in related disciplines to the different areas of research at the Center. The cycle will consist of eight lectures throughout the year that will be held in the Auditorium of the School of Chemistry, National University of Cordoba. We hope this initiative will contribute and provide opportunities for disseminating, sharing knowledge and promoting scientific research quality.

Opening conference Monday 13 April 2015

Dr. José Luis Bocco (CIBICI-CONICET)

“Dangerous relationships of an old Oncogene: Ras, with a South American Tumor Suppressor Gene: KLF6 – Who is the winner?"

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