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Opening Lecture “CIQUIBIC Open Doors Lecture series”

Monday 13 April the distinguished researcher José Luis Bocco starts Lecture of CIQUIBIC

Next Monday 13 of April, to 11 hours, in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Chemistry (UNC) Cycle will begin External Researchers Conference "Open Door CIQUIBIC".

The inaugural lecture will be delivered by Dr. José Luis Bocco(CIBICI-CONICET) Principal Researcher CONICET, Professor in the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry (UNC) Current Director of CCT- Córdoba.

Su conferencia tratará sobre el tema “Dangerous relationships of an old Oncogene: Ras, with a South American Tumor Suppressor Gene: KLF6 – Who is the winner?"

The transcription factor KLF6 (Krüppel-like Factor 6) It was identified in the laboratory of Dr.. Bocco as a regulator of gene expression of the carcinoembryonic antigen family, encoding the proteins PSG (Pregnancy-Specific Glycoproteins).

KLF6 mutations in the gene or in its expression defects are associated with the development of various cancers in humans, KLF6 suggesting that might be a tumor suppressor.

Contributions his group demonstrated a new mechanism KLF6 to reduce cell proliferation involving degradation proto-oncoprotein c-Jun. Furthermore KLF6 has the property of reducing the generation of in vivo tumors triggered by activated Ras, oncogene is present in more than 30% cases of cancer in the human population.

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