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Act incorporating the academic Mr. Dr. Gerardo Fidelio

incorporation Dr.. ANC and Fidelio

The next Friday 9 October at 6pm The Act of Incorporation of the Academician Dr.. Gerardo Fidelio. In this event, Dr. Fidelio will offer the virtual conferenceAlzheimer disease: Do membrane lipids play a role in the formation of toxic Aβ-amyloid fibers?
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Gerardo Fidelio was incorporated into the National Academy of Sciences in recognition of those who dedicate his life to science, both for the merit of his scientific and personal background and for what he has done for the development of his specialty in Argentina and will be presented to the public by the Academic Dra. Beatriz Caputto .
We count on your participation.

Gerardo Fidelio
He received Biochemist, in 1979, at the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the National University of Córdoba; in the same house of higher learning, He earned his Dr. in Biochemistry 1984. He completed his doctoral thesis under the direccióndel Dr. Bruno Maggio in the Department of Biological Chemistry "Ranwel Caputto" -CIQUIBIC-UNC in aspectosbiofísicos interaction of peptides and proteins with phospholipids and glycosphingolipids complex, from entoncesejerce teaching and research in the said Department in the field of biophysics.
His research includes: biophysical properties of interfaces containing complex glycosphingolipids, protein interaction with lipid, interaction with membranes amphipathic peptides, stability of protein-ligand, surface properties of phospholipases from poisons and soy and the study of surface properties and protein aggregation Aß-amyloid (protein that cause Alzheimer's disease).
He was a foreign fellow at the University of London from 1985 until 1987. On his return to the country, he joined Scientific Research Career of CONICET (1987). Currently he assumes in the category of Senior Investigator. Enel National Incentive system is of category I.
He has directed eleven doctoral theses, of which two co-director character rendered at the Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics and Computer Science and the other in joint project with teachers from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences(both institutions of the National University of Córdoba. He has published ninety papers in journals of their field.
Dr. Fidelio has participated in scientific promotion agencies as CONICOR (area director for Chemistry),CONICET evaluator, FONCYT and FONTAR, coordinator of the commission of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of CONICET. It has also stay abroad as a visiting professor (Spain, Chile, England and Denmark).
From 1999 a 2007 He was Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of UNC; from 2007 a 2009 he served as Vice-rector of the National University of Córdoba. He was president of Argentina between Biophysical Society 2012-2014. He is currently the Director of the CIQUIBIC-UNC (from November 2015) and professor at the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the National University of Córdoba.   slot pulsa tanpa potongan 2023