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5The CIQUIBIC conference open doors

Dr. Mauro Costa Mattioli, 27 October 17hs

Next Wednesday 27 October at 17 hs. we will continue with the Virtual Edition 2021 of the CIQUIBIC Open Doors Conference Cycle

La conferencia titulada ¨”Disección de las interacciones intestino-microbiota-cerebro” estará a cargo del Dr. Mauro Costa Mattioli, Director del Centro de Estudios sobre Memoria y Cerebro, del Departamento de Neurociencia del “Baylor College of Medicine”, de Houston-Texas.

The group of Dr. Costa Mattioli, together with others, has recently shown that gut microbes can modulate host behaviors through the gut-brain axis. Therefore, an individual's phenotypes can arise from complex interactions between host genetics and microbes. This talk will focus on investigating the mechanisms through which microbial and host factors regulate complex behaviors.. In addition, the possibility of the emergence of new treatments will be discussed. (non-invasive) to treat brain problems based on a new generation of microbes.