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Biological Chemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology and Neurobiology

Post-translational modifications: Biochemical, molecular and functional studies of proteins and protein arginilation and S-nitrosylation . Structure-function analysis of proteins involved in glycogen metabolism. Modifications of tubulin and associated proteins.

Synthesis, intracellular trafficking and membrane organization of glycolipids, glycosyltransferases and acylated proteins; regulation of phospholipid metabolism by c-fos protein and biological clocks; neurobiology of neuronal growth factors and differentiation.

Autoimmune Diseases: Autoimmune diseases: mechanism and modulation of central nervous system demyelination. Neuropathological disorders suppression of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE). Neurobiology of disorders associated with autism. Glycobiology: Structural and immunological aspects

  1. Regulation of lipid metabolism – early gene expression. Dr. Beatriz Caputto (Spanish only)
  2. Tubulin posttranslational modifications: replacement C- terminal tyrosine by L -Dopa (and others) and their possible involvement in neuropathies. Dr. Gaston Bisig (Spanish only)
  3. Study of retinal degeneration mechanism in a models of light damage by LED source exposure. Dr. Mariana Continue
  4. Synthesis and intracellular transport of glycolipids and acylated proteins. Dr. José Luis Daniotti (Spanish only)
  5. Neurobiology of autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Alicia Degano
  6. Posttranslational modifications of tubulin. Dr. Yanina Ditamo
  7. Regulation of the myelin basic protein function by calmoduline and post-tranlational modifications. Dr. Sandra Durand
  8. Study of Post-translational arginylation of proteins in the nervous system. Dr. Mauricio Galiano (Spanish only)
  9. Circadian regulation of granules ribonucleoprotein involved in the cytoplasmic processing of messenger RNA. Dr. Eduardo Garbarino Pico (Spanish only)
  10. Oxalate Induce Breast Cancer Tumor Dr. Germán Gil (Spanish only)
  11. Biochemical and molecular basis of biological rhythms and non- visual phototransduction. Dr. Mario E. Guido (Spanish only)
  12. Posttranslational modification of proteins: Study biochemist, molecular and functional proteins arginiladas . Dra . Marta Elena Hallak (Spanish only)
  13. Glycobiology of O-GalNAc glycans. Dr. Fernando Irazoqui
  14. Glycosphingolipid-dependent modulation of Interferon alpha receptor activity in melanoma. Dr. Ricardo Lardone
  15. Location determinants for Golgi glycosyltransferases. Dr. Hugo J. Maccioni (Spanish only)
  16. c-Fos: an attractive new therapeutic target for brain tumors. Regulation of phospholipid synthesis mediated by c-Fos. c-Fos and tumor growth. Dr. César Germán Prucca
  17. Participation of growth factors and signaling pathways in regulating secondary axonal growth. Dr. Santiago Quiroga (Spanish only)
  18. The physiological role of the Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) as an adhesion molecule in the developing nervous system. Dr. Lucas Sosa
  19. Protein S-acylation in yeast. Dr. Javier Valdez Taubas
  20. Studies on the activity and function of associated glycolipid metabolism level cell surface enzymes . Dr. Alejandro Vilcaes. (Spanish only)