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Independent Researcher CONICET / Associate Professor (DS) UNC
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Research Topic

Biophysics of biological processes associated to protein/lipid interactions: a systematic study of the interaction of amphiphilic peptides and proteins with biological model interfaces


In the cell, the transport and recycling of components and organelles is due to the specific interaction between proteins and lipid membranes or organelles that have a characteristic structure and composition. What are the physical parameters that control this membrane / protein interaction and how the structure of organelles maintained / generated as a result of this relationship are fundamental questions both in the area of biophysics and in cell biology. The overall objective in my research is to understand the physicochemical properties of the protein interaction with biological membranes analyzing how the variability in the chemistry of proteins and / or peptides (primary structure) and physical properties of lipid membrane models (phase-state, membrane curvature, etc) modulate the interaction. From these biophysical, experimental and theoretical studies will be applied to understand how different physicochemical properties of protein / membrane system influence or determine the organization and functioning of different organelles / cell processes.


Selected Publications

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Current Grants

  • FONCyT-PICT 2012-1377
  • CONICET PIP 2013

Brief CV

Academic Formation


  • 2007-Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences-National University of Córdoba-College of Chemistry
  • 2001-Bachelor in Chemical Sciences-National University of Córdoba-College of Chemistry

Research Background


Present position


  • Research Career of CONICET member at CIQUIBIC-CONICET-Extra. Qca. Biological-FCQ-UNC

Past positions


  • Postdoctoral studies at the Curie institute in Dr. Bruno Goud’s laboratory under supervision of Dr. Bruno Goud. Main subject of study: “Behavior of Arf1, ArfGAP1, ALPS and the COPI coatomer complex when interact with model membranes” (April 2007-March 2010).
  • Postdoctoral position (visiting Fellow) at NIH (National Institutes of Health-­Bethesda-USA) under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz. Main subject of study: “Nanoscale distribution of proteins in cells” (October 2010-­‐December 2011).



  • Assistant professor at the College of Chemical Sciences-National University of Córdoba-Argentina