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ZANIN, Juan Pablo

CONICET PhD fellow
Director: German Gil

PhD Thesis Topic

Bioactive scaffolds for tissue engineering using 3D printing

Bone is the second most transplanted tissue in the world, for which bone grafts or substitute materials are used. However, the implants currently used have deficiencies in terms of availability, morbidity, functionality, etc. that drive the continuous search for new materials. Since there is no single material that has the appropriate properties, such as biocompatibility, mechanical properties, degradation speed, among others, for the regeneration of bone tissue. The combination of different materials (synthetic polymers, hydrogels, inorganic particles, etc.) in a rational bio-inspired design is the best approach to achieve these properties. A valid alternative is the manufacture of biomimetic supports using 3D bioprinting that allow the regeneration of bone tissues from the patient’s own cells. The hypothesis of this proyect was to generate synthetic polymer scaffolds that will function as structural support and provide the desired mechanical properties, together with natural polymers (hydrogels) as a culture medium for the addition of cells and that will provide the desired bioactive properties. Therefore, the objectives of the plan were to design and print polycaprolactone / hydroxyapatite scaffolds, and increase their bioactivity through a coating with alginate and / or hyaluronic acid hydrogels that promote cells that promote bone tissue growth.