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QUIROGA, Santiago

Principal Researcher CONICET / Associate Professor UNC
Phone: +54 351 5353855 int. 3462


  • Mascotti, F., Caceres , A., Pfenninger, K.H. and Quiroga, S.(1997) Expression and distribution of IGF-I receptors containing a novel b subunit variant ( b gc) enriched in the growth cones of developing neurons. J Neurosci , 17, 1447-1459.
  • Kivatinitz , S.C. , Pelsman, M.A., Alonso, A, Bagatolli, L. and Quiroga, S. (1997). High density lipoprotein aggregated by oxidation induces degeneration of neuronal cells . J Neurochem , 96, 2102-2114.
  • Morfini, G., Quiroga, S., Rosa , A.L., Kosik, K, and Caceres , A. (1997). Suppression of KIF-2 inhibits neurite outgroth and alters the distribution of a non-synaptic membrane receptor. J Cell Biol , 138, 657-669.
  • Paglini, G., Pigino, G., Morfini, G., Kunda, P., Maccioni, R., Quiroga, S., Ferreira, A., and Cáceres, A. (1998) Evidence for the participation of the neuron-specific activator p35 during laminin-enhanced axonal growth. J Neurosci , 143, 443-455.
  • Paglini, G., Kunda P., Quiroga S., K. Kosik, and Cáceres A. (1998) Suppression of radixin and moesin alters growth cone morphology, motility and the development of neuronal polarity . J Cell Biol, 18, 9858-9869.

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