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CONICET Post-Doctoral Fellow
Director: Nicolás Cecchini

PhD Thesis Topic

Characterization of the resistance protein (R) – BNT1- targeted to plastids during plant defense

Resistance (R) proteins are key sensors of the plant immune system, conferring resistance to diseases caused by pathogens. R proteins have been found to act from several compartments inside the cell. However, R proteins have never been described as functioning from plastids or mitochondria, which are essential organelles for a successful defense against pathogens. Interestingly, our preliminary data show BNT1 protein localizing in plastids. One idea is that these R protein are closely related to the well-known organelle responses to pathogen infections. In this project, the objective is to carry out the first comprehensive characterization of BNT1 protein residing in plastids and to elucidate their biological function. We will study their subcelular localization dynamics, determine how they affect immune programs, and identify their interactors. Knowing how this R protein is involved in the plant immunity will be an important step forward in the generation of disease resistant crops.