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DITAMO, Yanina

CONICET Research Associate / Assistant Professor UNC
Phone: +54 351 5353855 ext 3455

Research Topic

Posttranslational modifications of tubulin

The cyclic tyrosination/detyrosination occurring at the C-terminus of α-tubulin is one of the most studied post-translational modification of proteins. Our goal is to dilucidate the physiological role of this tubulin modification by replacing COOH-terminal tyrosine by different analogues. Among other structural tyrosine analogues, L-phenylalanine can be incorporated into the C-terminus in place of tyrosine. We are analyzing the functional effects of this replacement studying parameters related to microtubules dynamics. Our interest in the incorporation of phenylalanine into tubulin is based on the fact that in patients suffering phenylketonuria, the level of phenylalanine in blood is increased by a factor of 20-40 due to the failure or lack of phenylalanine hydroxylase activity and, at present, the molecular basis explaining the brain dysfunction in this pathology is not known.

Selected Publications

      • Glycan bioengineering in immunogen desgin for tumor T antigen immunotargeting. Sendra V.G., Zlocowsky N., Ditamo Y., Copioli S., Tarp M.P., Bennett E.P., Clausen H., Roth G.A., Nores G.A., Irazoqui F.J. Molecular Immunology (2009) 46(16):3445-53.
      • Neonatal mucosal immunization with non-living, non-genetically modified Lactococcus lactis vaccine carrier induces systemic and local Th1-type immunity and protects against lethal bacterial infection. Ramirez Medina H.K.*, Ditamo Y. *, Rodriguez L., Picking W, of Roosmalen M., Leenhouts K and Pasetti M.F. Mucosal Immunology (2010) 3(2):159-71. (*) First authorship
      • Mucosal priming of newborn mice with S. Typhi Ty21a expressing anthrax protective antigen (PA) followed by parenteral PA-boost induces B and T cell-mediated immunity that protects against infection by passing maternal antibodies Ramirez K, And Ditamo, Galen JE, Baillie LW and Pasetti M.F. Vaccine (2010) 28: 6065-6075
      • In vivo immunomodulatory effect of the lectin from edible mushroom Agaricus bisporus. Ditamo Y., Rupil L. L., Sendra V.G., Nores G.A., Roth G.A. and Irazoqui F.J. Food and Function (2015) DOI: 10.1039/c5fo00360a

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Brief CV

Academic Formation

      • 1999 Microbiologist by National University of Río Cuarto
      • 2005 PhD in Chemistry by National University of Cordoba
      • 2008 Posdoc in the School of Medicine, Universitiy of Maryland, MD, USA
      • 2010 Posdoc in CIQUIBIC, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

Research Background

      • PhD and posdoctoral training in neuroimmunology, basic immunology and glicobiology.

Teaching Background

      • Assistant professor in the Department of Biological Chemistry, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

Institutional Management Background

      • Member of Department Council (2013-2014)