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Latinamerican PhD fellow from CONICET
Director: Gerardo Fidelio

PhD Thesis Topic

Interaction study of bioactive peptides with biological membranes

Artificial and native peptide sequences will be systematically studied with different sequences and biological interest that interact with membranes. The studies include peptides with periodic amphipathic sequence as non-periodic (amino acids selectively concentrated in the N terminal or C terminal). We will try to correlate the surface properties (stability, penetration to lipid interfaces) with the lytic activity or antibiotic. We will try to corroborate whether the retro-isomerism in amphipathic peptides (peptides of identical hydrophobicity but inverted sequence) is key to the activity against membranes. We will try to establish the degree of commitment of the interaction of amyloidogenic peptides with lipids in lateral rheology and formation of fibrillar structures in organized and concentrated interfaces.