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Third “CIQUIBIC Open Doors Lecture series”

Lecture series of invited researchers

On Wednesday 16 of June, Dr. Andrés Binolfi, IIDEFAR-CONICET / LMPbioR, Rosario, provided the third Conference of the Cycle “CIQUIBIC Open Door ".

The words of welcome were in charge of Dr.. Andrea Smania, who introduced our guest speaker, highlighting its research background and the excellence of its scientific production.

Dr. Binolfi shared with the audience his contributions in the study of behavior in vivo of a-synucleina, protein linked to Parkinson's disease, using high resolution cell NMR technique (in cell NMR). In your presentation, Dr. Binolfi shared the advances in relation to the structural and dynamic properties of this protein and to enzymatic redox repair pathways in the cellular environment.

We invite the scientific community, university and the general public to attend the next conference cycle “"CIQUIBIC Open Doors"” by Dr.. Belén Elgoyhen from INGEBI-CONICET L'Oreal-UNESCO Prize 2008, what will be done next 29 June at 11am in the Auditorium of the CCT-Córdoba.

On Wednesday June 16th, Dr. Andrés Binolfi (IIDEFAR-CONICET / LMPbioR, Rosario) presented the Third Conference of the Cycle “CIQUIBIC Open Doors” 2016.

Dr. Andrea Smania welcomed the audience and presented the invited speaker, highlighting his research background and the excellence of his scientific publications.

Dr. Binolfi described his studies about the in vivo behavior of a-synuclein, a Parkinson’s disease-related protein, by applying high-resolution in-cell NMR. In his presentation, Dr. Binolfi explained the advances achieved regarding the structural and dynamic properties of the protein and the enzymatic redox repair pathways of the oxidized macromolecule.

We invite the scientific and university community, as well as to the general public, to attend the next conference of “CIQUIBIC Open Doors” Lectures Series by Dr. Belén Elgoyhen from INGEBI-CONICET, recently awarded with the L’Oreal-UNESCO Prize, to be held on June 29th, 11h at the Auditorium of CCT-Cordoba