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Dr recognition. Fidelio

It adds to the National Academy of Sciences

Dr. Gerardo Fidelio, Senior Researcher of the CONICET and Professor Whole at the Department of Biological Chemistry Ranwel Caputto-CIQUIBIC, He has been appointed Academic National Science Academy (ANC), in recognition of who has dedicated his life to science, therefore the merit of their academic and personal atencedenetes as it has done for the development of its kind in Argentina.

The ANC was founded in 1869 by the president Domingo F. Sarmiento order to incline to the scientific and industrial blossoming of the city of Córdoba. The ACN promotes development and dissemination of natural sciences, the study and exploration of the territory of the country and advises the national government, Provincial Governments and other scientific institutions, in his specialty.

Dr. Fidelio specializes in biophysical studies of the structure and stability of lipolytic proteins and amphipathic peptides bioactive in its interaction with biomembranes.