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Recognition to Dr.. Monferran

Tribute for his retirement

For having hosted the benefits of regular retirement, the CIQUIBIC conjunction with the Department of Biological Chemistry presented him Dr.. Clara Monferran a commemorative medal for his work and commitment to the institution during the 43 years of his career academic and scientific.

Dr.. Monferran, native of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, he graduated in Biochemistry at Faculty of Chemistry, National University of Cordoba 1974. As a student and grade, He showed great scientific vocation, entering as a student assistant in the Department of Biology when I was in 3rd. Year. He then studied a PhD in Biochemistry under the leadership of Dr. Federico A. Cumar in the Department of Biological Chemistry, which he ended in 1981, as well as postdoctoral studies at the National Institute of Mental Health of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland (USA) from 1984 a 1986. Back in Córdoba, Dr.. Monferran entered the Career Research Scientist reaching CONICET Independent Researcher Category and the UNC, the Assistant Professor. In these years he made a fruitful research work in the study of the neuropathological alterations in models of demyelinating autoimmune diseases and mainly related to the action of bacterial enterotoxin of cholera toxin family studies, publishing numerous papers in international journals of good impact. He also participated in the training of human resources, directing 8 tesinas grade and 3 doctoral thesis.

Dr.. Monferran participated, under the direction of Drs. Federico A. Cumar and Hugo J. F. Maccioni, in the development of an immuno-enzymatic method for the detection of cholera toxin that allows the diagnosis in patients with cholera or food. This method, developed through an agreement 1991 between the Ministry of Science and Technology of the province of Cordoba and the School of Chemistry at UNC, It was patented and later transferred to the Blood Products Laboratory at UNC.

It is with great affection that members of CIQUIBIC and the Department of Biological Chemistry wish you Clarita the best for this new stage of his life.

Dr. Clara Monferran has been awarded by CIQUIBIC and the Department of Biological Chemistry with a commemorative medal for her work and institutional commitment during her 43 years of academic and scientific career.

It is with great affection that members of CIQUIBIC and the Department of Biological Chemistry whish Clarita all the best for this new stage of her life.