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Recognition to Dr.. Hallak

Incorporating Dr. Hallak as a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences

The CIQUIBIC is pleased to invite you to the Conference of Incorporation as Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences Dr.. Marta E. Hallak.

Dr.. Hallak is Principal Investigator of the CONICET and Associate Professor in the Department. Biological Chemistry Ranwel Caputto-CIQUIBIC. The research group led by Dr. Hallak It is doomed to study the effect of post-translational modifications in the biological function of proteins, focusing particularly on posttranslational arginylation, event involved in several cellular processes, including cell migration, cardiovascular development, angiogenesis, thrombosis and espermatogénensis. Dr.. Hallak has been active in academic management, He is having served as president of the Argentina Society for Research in Neurosciences, coordinating the Committee on International Calls for CONICET and currently directing the Committee of the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) He is responsible for the evaluation of the Travel Grant, Fellowships, and Return Home Programs of the Organization, among others.

During the Act of Incorporation, which will take place on Thursday 20 April at 19 h in the Hall of the National Academy of Sciences, Av. Velez Sarsfield 229, Dr. Hallak provide the conference

Post translation modification calreticulin: Basic Study of Cell Biology at Possible Implication in tumor biology

In the cell there is directionality in the expression of the information contained in their genes, namely, the DNA is transcribed into messenger RNA, which translated into protein, element that finally performs the function or cellular action. Calreticulin, It is a resident of the endoplasmic reticulum protein which primarily fulfills its function as a chaperone and regulating calcium homeostasis. Nevertheless, a small fraction of this protein to the cytoplasm where retrotrasloca, by the action of the enzyme ATE1, It incorporates an arginine at its amino terminus. This posttranslational modification of proteins has been studied in my laboratory, where we have shown that arginylation, Calreticulin specifically causes a change in the function of the protein would have implications in tumor prognosis.