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BSPP Best Student Paper Award

To Biol. Damian Cambiagno from CIQUIBIC

Biol. Damian Cambiagno was awarded with the “Molecular Plant Pathology Best Student Paper Prize” from the British Society of Plant Pathology (BPPS) for his article ” The synthetic cationic lipid diC14 activates a sector of the Arabidopsis defence network requiring endogenous signalling components. Cambiagno et al., Mol. Plant. Pathol, 2015, February 26, doi:. 10.1111 / mpp.12252 “.

The Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious journal Molecular Plant Pathology, Prof. Marty Dickman says about the article: “The manuscript by Damián Cambiagno is the 2015 winner of the MPP best student paper award. Using a comparative approach, these studies describe the use of a novel synthetic lipid elicitor that activates the human TLR4 immune receptor in animal cells and several immune related genes in plants. This synthetic elicitor represents a new toolkit member to study innate immunity.”

Biol. Cambiagno is doing his PhD thesis at CIQUIBIC under the supervision of Dr. Maria Elena Alvarez, on the project “Alterations of centromeric chromatin and activation of defense against PSt”.