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Biological Chemistry

Post-translational modifications: Biochemical, molecular and functional studies of proteins and protein arginilation and S-nitrosylation . Structure-function analysis of proteins involved in glycogen metabolism. Modifications of tubulin and associated proteins.

    1. Acetylated tubulin interaction between P type ATPases . Dr. Carlos Arce (Spanish only)

    2. Tubulin posttranslational modifications: replacement C- terminal tyrosine by L -Dopa (and others) and their possible involvement in neuropathies. Dr. Gaston Bisig (Spanish only)

    3. Molecular glycobiology. Dr. Maria Elena Carrizo
    4. Proteoglucógeno, glycogenin S-nitrosylated enzymes and glycogen metabolism and glucose: Biochemical, structural and functional studies. Dr. Juan A. Curtino (Spanish only)

    5. Posttranslational modifications of tubulin. Dr. Yanina Ditamo
    6. Regulation of the myelin basic protein function by calmoduline and post-tranlational modifications. Dr. Sandra Durand
    7. Study of Post-translational arginylation of proteins in the nervous system. Dr. Mauricio Galiano (Spanish only)
    8. Biochemical and molecular basis of biological rhythms and non- visual phototransduction. Dr. Mario E. Guido (Spanish only)

    9. Circadian regulation of granules ribonucleoprotein involved in the cytoplasmic processing of messenger RNA. Dr. Eduardo Garbarino Pico (Spanish only)

    10. Posttranslational modification of proteins: Study biochemist, molecular and functional proteins arginiladas . Dra . Marta Elena Hallak (Spanish only)

    11. Oxidative processes in complex biological matrices. Dra . Silvia Kivatinitz (Spanish only)

    12. Effect of oxidative/nitrosative stress to enzymes involved in glucose and glycogen metabolism CNS : structural and functional studies. Dr. Jorge Miguel Romero (Spanish only)