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RIOS, Maximiliano

CONICET PhD fellow
Director: Mario E. Guido

PhD Thesis Topic

Biochemical and Molecular Characterization of Non-Visual Opsins in the Internal Retina of Vertebrates and Their Physiological Implications

A group of photoreceptors non-classical recently described (encefalopsiona (OPN3) and neuropsin (Opn5)) play a roll in the regulation of circadian rhythms in the inner retina, particularly Opn5, it is necessary to maintain biological rhythms in retina, however It does not know the molecular mechanism involved in such regulation. This project proposes to investigate the intrinsic photoreceptor capacity of the different cellular and molecular components of the internal retina of non-mammalian vertebrates and their biochemical and physiological implications. To address these questions, we propose to study the role of non-classical photopigments (Opn3: enkephalopsin and Opn5: neuropsin), and non-visual photoreceptor (non-classical) populations of the internal retina (photosensitive ganglion cells: CGRif) In the functioning of the vertebrate internal retina, in the mechanisms of non-visual phototransduction, and implication in circadian rhythms.