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CONICET PhD fellow
Director: Maria Elena Alvarez

PhD Thesis Topic

Contributions of proline dehydrogenase (Manufacturers to ensure) to biotic defenses signaling by sensitive- redox imbalances in Arabidopsis
Plants have developed a complex and dynamic innate immune for defense against pathogens. After infection. Early signalling events including production of ROS can be activated within minutes following application of biotic stimuli. In Arabidopsis, membrane NADPH oxidase play a key role in the network of ROS production in tissues following inoculation with Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato AvrRpm1 (Pst-AvrRpm1) o flg22. Plant RBOHs are involved in a multitude of different signalling pathways including root hair growth, stomatal closure, pollen–stigma interactions, plant defence, and acclimation to different abiotic stresses. The activation of this enzyme is mainly controlled by Ca2+ via direct binding to EF-hand motifs and phosphorylation by Ca2+-dependent protein kinases. Moreover, NADPH oxidase might be regulated by NADPH levels and affected by alterations in the cellular redox state. Our group investigate potentiation of NADPH oxidase activity by Proline dehydrogenase (Manufacturers to ensure), a mitochondrial enzyme, in response to Pst-AvrRpm1 or flg22. We aims to analyze if ProDH generates mitochondrial oxidative stress and/or intervenes in the replenishment of cytosolic NADPH in order to active the oxidase. Further, we will evaluate if either of the two ProDH isoforms would be able to signaling systemic defenses by a NADPH oxidase-sensitive pathway.