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CONICET researchers Factor IX clotting working in production.

Hemophilia is a genetic and hereditary disease characterized by a defect in blood clotting. Its cause is deficiency in the production of some proteins (factors) involved in clot formation. Factore IX deficiency of coagulation causes hemophilia B. Therapeutic treatment involves administering just missing proteins.

Drs. José Luis Daniotti and Carlos Argaraña, from CIQUIBIC, with Dr. José Luis Bocco of CIBICI, are scientific advisers BIOHEMO project in coordination with the Blood Products Laboratory of the National University of Córdoba (UNC) bet, through genetic engineering methods, to produce factor IX clotting in Argentina. They have succeeded in producing a pilot scale factor IX biological activity not only identical but also with physicochemical properties to commercially available factor IX. Actually, They face the challenge of its production to a higher level meeting all quality controls and biosecurity necessary so it can be applied in patients who need this product.

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