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Sixth 2017 “CIQUIBIC Open Doors” Lecture Series

Lecture series of external researchers

On Wednesday October 18th, Dr. Fabiana Drincovich (CEFOBI-CONICET, Rosario) presented the sixth Conference of the Cycle “CIQUIBIC Open Doors” 2017.

After the welcoming remarks by Dr. Andrea Smania, Dr. Mario Guido introduced our invited speaker, emphasizing her many academic achievements and the excellence of her scientific publications.

Dr. Drincovich shared the contributions of her research group in relation to the biological functions of the gene family of the malic enzyme in plants, one of the enzymes involved in the metabolism of malate, a key intermediary of the cycle of tricarboxylic acids. The systematic and detailed work done by her research group has allowed the identification of the kinetic, regulatory and cellular localization properties of each isoform of the family. This has allowed the development of several transgenic plants with differential malate levels, being a promising strategy to increase plant productivity and to decrease as well as optimize water consumption.

We invite the scientific and university community, as well as to the general public, to attend the fifth conference of “CIQUIBIC Open Doors” Lectures Series by Dr. Alejandro Schinder, CONICET Principal Researcher (IIBBA-CONICET, Fundación Instituto Leloir). The conference will be held on December 18th, 11h at the Auditorium of the College of Chemical Science, National University of Cordoba.