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CONICET PhD fellow
Director: José Luis Daniotti

PhD Thesis Topic

Metabolism of glycolipids at the cell surface


My research involves studying the expression and function of enzymes implicated in the metabolism of gangliosides (GS) at the plasma membrane. GS, which are sialylated glycosphingolipids, participate in many physiological and pathological processes, including growth, signaling, migration and endocytosis. Recently, a number of enzymes for GS anabolism and catabolism have been shown to be associated with the plasma membrane, being able to exert their enzymatic activities on substrates belonging to the surface of both their own and neighboring cells. It has been hypothesized, and in some cases clearly demonstrated, that these activities are responsible for the fine tuning of the plasma membrane GS composition, and consequently, the functional properties of membrane proteins involved in different cellular processes.