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Director: Ariel Goldraij

PhD Thesis Topic

Functional Characterization of NnSR1 and NE, ribonucleases induced in stress scenarios caused by phosphate deficiency
The aim of this project is the functional characterization of T2 ribonucleases (RNase) of Nicotiana alata subjected to phosphate (Pi) deficiency. In several species, the role of RNase as part of the responses of the plant to cope with Pi limitations is crucial. Under stress situations, RNases are induced to contribute with the mobilization of Pi from macromolecular sources, mainly nucleic acids. We specifically focus on two RNases: extracelular RNase-NE and intracellular NnSR1, both induced for Pi mobilization in Nicotiana alata.
We will determine the pattern of induction of these RNases in plants cultivated with different Pi concentrations to determine which of the two pathways (extracellular vs. intracellular) favours the plant under Pi stress.
In parallel, to understand the functional role of these RNases, we will suppress the expression de NE and NnSR1 through a post transcriptional silencing strategy.