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The CIQUIBIC in the schools

VIII Conference: FCQ outreaches the Schools

On Wednesday, October 18, the Conference was held, aimed at disseminating the FCQ’s action in the field of articulation with primary, secondary and higher education institutions. This year two extension Projects conducted by teachers / researchers from CIQUIBIC were presented: The project “Chemistry in the heights” directed by Dr. Graciela Borioli and Master David Aguero focused on bringing experiences to implement a laboratory of Natural Sciences in the “Florentino Ameghino” Rural School located in Cerro Champaquí, and the Project “Implementation of laboratories in natural sciences in the primary education level”, directed by Dr. Maria Laura Fanani focuses on the evaluation of experimental science at the primary level in four provincial schools in Córdoba capital and interior, including a rural school, and other teachers / researchers from CIQUBIC were also added to these proposals, which resulted in an active participation of our center. of Dr. Jose Luis Barra in the Project “Science and adolescence”, which has been a continuous seven years contribution to the articulation of the FCQ with provincial schools of the Cordoba capital, in this case carried out in Instituto El Obraje (Colegio de Alta Gracia, Córdoba). Finally, the work of Dr. Natalia Wilke and other researchers of the CIQUIBIC in the framework of the “Non-Renting School Internships of the Ministry of Education of the Province of Córdoba” was carried out through agreements between middle schools and the FCQ, developed in the CIQUIBIC.