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Closing Lecture “CIQUIBIC Open Doors Lecture series”

Lectures series 2016 of invited researchers

On Wednesday November 16th, CONICET Senior Researcher from IBR-CONICET-Rosario, and Full Professor at College of Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical sciences (FCByF), National University of Rosario (UNR), Argentina, presented the closure conference of the 2016 edition of the “CIQUIBIC Open Doors” Lectures Series.
After the welcoming remarks, Dr. Andrea Smania presented our guest speaker detailing the excellence of his academic career, the numerous achievements of his laboratory, the high quality of his scientific production, the several prices he has been awarded and his mentoring labor as director of the FCByF and the IBR.
Dr. de Mendoza presented to a large audience a new research topic that he began to develop during his second postdoctoral stay related to the study of the Dauer diapause phenomena (a kind of quiescence) during the life cycle of the worm Caenorhabditis elegans. Dr. de Mendoza related how through genetic and biochemical approaches they discovered lipid-derived molecules that act as signaling cues for the worm neurons to regulate when the organism enter/leave the diapause.
With this conference we formally closed the edition 2016 of “CIQUIBIC Open Doors” lectures series. We look forward to see you participate in the next cycle in 2017!

Disign: Jeremías Di Pietro / Diseño Gráfico CCT CONICET CÓRDOBA