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Closing Lecture “CIQUIBIC Open Doors Lecture series”

Lectures series 2017 of invited researchers

On Wednesday December 13rd, Dr. Alejandro Schinder (IIBBA-CONICET, Fundación Instituto Leloir) presented the Closing Conference of the Cycle “CIQUIBIC Open Doors” 2017.

After the welcoming remarks, Dr. Andrea Smania made a balance of this third edition of our Lecture Series which included the participation of 7 prestigious researchers: Drs. G. William Wong (Johns Hopkins University), Alejandro Vila (IBR-CONICET), Diego Garcia Lambas (IATE-CONICET), Miriam Strumia (IMBIV-CONICET), Fabiana Drincovich (CEFOBI-CONICET), Fernando Stefani (CIBION-CONICET) and Alejandro Schinder (Leloir Institute). She also acknowledged CIQUIBIC, the Secretary of Science and Technology and the PhD Program in Neurosciences of the National University of Cordoba for financial support. Next, Dr. Santiago Quiroga introduced our invited speaker emphasizing his many academic achievements and the excellence of his scientific publications.

Dr. Schinder shared with the audience the contributions of his research group related to adult neurogenesis referring to how these neurons are able to process information as well as the mechanisms that modulate the development and integration of these new neurons in the complex network of pre-existing neural circuits. In addition, he referred to the effect of aging on the generation of hippocampal neurons, the ability of these neurons to integrate themselves into the brain circuits and the influence of external stimuli on these processes.

We hope to have everyone present in the next edition of “CIQUIBIC Open Doors”, the Lecture Series of External Researchers.