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About us

The “Research Centre in Biological Chemistry of Córdoba” (CIQUIBIC) is a research institute that depends from both CONICET and the National University of Córdoba (CONICET-UNC). This Centre is dedicated to develop basic research in the area of Biological Sciences, covering different aspects of this discipline, such as Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology and Biophysics. The Centre’s purpose, as part of its foundational mission, is to contribute to the general knowledge and scientific progress through researchdevelopment, researchers, technicians and students´ training, and university teaching of undergraduate and graduate students, aiming always at the highest quality standards.
As part of this commitment, the construction of scientific knowledge at CIQUIBIC is promoted via the development of research projects in five major areas: Biological Chemistry; Pathological Biochemistry; Cell Biology | Neurobiology; Plant Biology | Microbiology | Biotechnology, and Biophysics.

The consolidation of these areas has resulted in the training of young professionals through the active role that CIQUIBIC´smembers play in teaching of undergraduate and graduate students belonging to the Collegeof Chemical Sciences of the UNC. CIQUIBIC´S researchers are also Professors at the Department of Biological Chemistry, which imparts a significant number of subjects in the curricula of the Careers dictated at this College (Teaching). Also, members of our Centre perform different tasks in our University´s Management demonstrating a continuous and sustained commitment with the UNC community.

Brief Historical Overview

CIQUIBIC was created on July 30, 1982 under the direction of Dr.Ranwel Caputto, through an agreement between the National University of Córdoba (UNC) and National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) over the base of the Department of Biological Chemistry (DQB) that functioned at the College of Chemical Sciences since 1963 (History DQB, Spanish only).

At the beginning, the Centre’s research was mainly aimed at the study of glycolipids, oligosaccharides and nucleic acids metabolism´s, achieving important contributions tothe scientific knowledge, which resulted in the accomplishment of a prominent academic and scientific prestige both nationally and internationally. As part of a strategic plan aimed at improving both thecentre´s research quality as well asthe vision of fundamental scientific questions, novel“state of the art” topics and methodologies were implemented over time. Thus, the original germ lines were diversifying to form the current areas of research. The generation of these areas was also influenced by the necessity to implement new teaching courses, updated and adapted to the advances of the scientific knowledge, to improve the educational quality provided.

Since its inception, research activity at CIQUIBIC has resulted in over 500 publications in peer-reviewed international journals and the successful training of young scientists through the completion of more than 100 PhD theses (see thesis made) and postdoctoral trainings. The quality of human resources skilled in this Centre is reflected in the number of alumni-researchers who currently lead scientific laboratories both abroad and in our country.

Former Directors of CIQUIBIC

  • Dr. Ranwel Caputto: 1982-1994
  • Dr. Hector S. Barra: 1994-2000
  • Dr. Hugo Maccioni 2000-2010
  • Dr. Bruno Maggio 2010-2015
  • Dr. Carlos Argaraña 2015-2015 (interim)


CIQUIBC´s yearbook presents an annual summary of the scientific research performed at the institute (Spanish only).

Yearbook 2010 (download pdf)

Yearbook 2011 (download pdf)

Yearbook 2012 (download pdf)

Yearbook 2013 (download pdf)